Undermount Installation

Aria Vent must be installed before flooring surface on the sub-floor level. 

*This installation method is advanced. It can only be used for surfaces that are not installed.
    - Pre cut 8 11/16" x 2 3/4" (220 mm x 70 mm) piece of flooring material. *Cut before beginning installation
    - 4 Screws
    - Multi-purpose cement
    - Level
            Dry fit Aria Vent in floor opening. Ensure rim of vent is sitting on sub-floor.
            Screw body in place. Install flooring to cover rim of Aria Vent without overlapping air opening.
            Once floor is cured, insert and slide tray in place. Fill tray to the rim with multi-purpose cement.
            Place flooring material on multi-purpose cement.
            Adjust and level to floor. Leave to cure.
            When cured, slide and remove tray from body. If necessary, grout to fill voids.

            Contact us if you require additional assistance.